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Shoaib’s iPadDevCamp Chicago

If you missed the first iPadDevCamp Chicago — or you attended and want more ASAP — check out Shoaib Hannani’s iPadDevCamp Chicago running from May 21-23 at IIT. Shoaib’s event has no affiliation with our event, but I’ve been in contact with Shoaib and he has big things planned.

More info is available on their website and Twitter account.

(Preemptively answering the most frequently asked question I hear: Shoaib’s event will have a completely different lineup of speakers and sessions than did our event.)


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New Sponsor: Stand Alone

Stand Alone was the first company to offer sponsorship for iPadDevCamp Chicago, for which we are immensely grateful. Stand Alone is best known for its popular Crosswords game for the iPhone and iPad. It also created two applications that should be of interest to software developers: Beacon, an iPhone client for the Lighthouse issue tracking system, and Satchel, an iPhone client for 37signals’ Backpack service.

New Sponsor: Pathfinder Development

We were ecstatic when Pathfinder Development offered to sponsor iPadDevCamp Chicago. Pathfinder is not only a great success story as a Chicago technology firm, but for years it has been sharing its success by generously contributing to the Chicago software development community.

Companies hire Pathfinder to design, develop and deliver software products faster, cheaper and better than they can do themselves. And they also hire Pathfinder to teach big, traditional IT firms how to be nimble, fast and customer focused across all their software product development activities. Pathfinder works with clients ranging from early stage start-ups to Fortune 5 companies across a wide array of industries.

New sponsor: mobileAge

We are thrilled to announce that Chicago-area mobileAge is sponsoring iPadDevCamp Chicago! mobileAge is the development company behind Shanghai Mahjong, Wine Enthusiast Guide, Leonard Maltin Movie Guide, and Blackjack 21.

New sponsor: RemObjects Software

We are very excited to announce that RemObjects Software is sponsoring iPadDevCamp Chicago! RemObjects is the development company behind Data Abstract for OS X, a framework for Cocoa and CocoaTouch applications that simplifies interaction with remote databases and services — even in presence of complex data security and business logic.

One lucky attendee will get a free copy of Data Abstract for OS X — a $899 value! Additionally, RemObjects will give another lucky attendee a license for its RemObjects SDK for OS X, a cross-platform remoting framework for interacting with existing distributed services — a $399 value!

New sponsor: The Pragmatic Programmers

We are excited to announce our first sponsor: The Pragmatic Programmers, publisher of great books and screencasts including Beginning Mac Programming, Cocoa Programming, Core Animation, Core Data, and iPhone SDK Development. In July, they will be releasing iPad Programming: A Quick-Start Guide for Developers for iPhone developers transitioning to the iPad.