New sponsor: mobileAge

We are thrilled to announce that Chicago-area mobileAge is sponsoring iPadDevCamp Chicago! mobileAge is the development company behind Shanghai Mahjong, Wine Enthusiast Guide, Leonard Maltin Movie Guide, and Blackjack 21.


New sponsor: RemObjects Software

We are very excited to announce that RemObjects Software is sponsoring iPadDevCamp Chicago! RemObjects is the development company behind Data Abstract for OS X, a framework for Cocoa and CocoaTouch applications that simplifies interaction with remote databases and services — even in presence of complex data security and business logic.

One lucky attendee will get a free copy of Data Abstract for OS X — a $899 value! Additionally, RemObjects will give another lucky attendee a license for its RemObjects SDK for OS X, a cross-platform remoting framework for interacting with existing distributed services — a $399 value!

New sponsor: The Pragmatic Programmers

We are excited to announce our first sponsor: The Pragmatic Programmers, publisher of great books and screencasts including Beginning Mac Programming, Cocoa Programming, Core Animation, Core Data, and iPhone SDK Development. In July, they will be releasing iPad Programming: A Quick-Start Guide for Developers for iPhone developers transitioning to the iPad.

New speaker: Dr. Brad Larson

We are pleased to announce that Brad Larson, Ph.D. will be speaking at iPadDevCamp Chicago! His session will cover Core Animation. If you’ve seen Dr. Larson speak at previous iPhoneDevCamps, you know that his presentations are not to be missed.

Headlining speakers announced

Chris Cieslak, founder of Electropuf.

Dave Dribin, founder of Bit Maki, Inc.

Ben Gottlieb, founder of Stand Alone, Inc.

Patrick McCarron, developer at MobileAge.

Look for more to come!

Registration is open

Early Bird pricing is $60. Early Bird registration is open for the first 50 attendees, or until April 10 — whichever comes first.

Register now at EventBrite!

Registration opens at 7 PM

Registration opens at 7 PM (Chicago time) tonight!