Sessions are 50 minute presentations providing in-depth coverage of a specific topic or an overview of a larger subject.

Title Presenter Slides
Core Animation Brad Larson via blog
Core Audio: Audio Queue Services Dave Dribin via blog
Core Audio: Audio Unit Graphs Dave Dribin via blog
I Didn’t Sign Up For This Chris Cieslak coming soon
Lessons Learned Designing for the iPad Ben Gottlieb slides (6MB)
Lessons Learned while Creating a Universal App Patrick McCarron conference-only
Rapid Product Design for the iPad Bob Moll via blog
Rapid RESTful Persistence with Core Resource Mike Laurence slides (4MB)
iPad Development Roundtable


Tutorials are 2-3 hours of guided instruction where participants are coding along with the presenter.

Title Presenter Slides
Using Universal Apps for iPhone to iPad GameKit Communication David Fisher site
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