Chris Cieslak

Chris Cieslak is the founder of Electropuf, a Chicago-based iPhone and iPad development company. Buster, the CTA Bus Tracker app for iPhone, has been featured in a number of Chicago media outlets, including Chicago Magazine, Time Out Chicago, WGN 720, New City Chicago, and ChicagoNow.com. When not in Cocoaland, Chris can be found doing web development for the American Library Association or complaining about the Bears and Cubs.

Dave Dribin

Dave has been writing professional software for over fifteen years, and programming since the days of the Apple ][. After five years programming embedded C for GSM infrastructure at Motorola and a brief stint riding the Internet bubble, Dave decided to venture out on his own. Since 2001, Dave has been providing independent consulting services. Since 2006, Dave has been working under the guise of Bit Maki, Inc. concentrating on software and consulting for Mac OS X, iPhone, and now iPad.

Ben Gottlieb

Ben Gottlieb founded Stand Alone, Inc. in 1995, and has been in the mobile space for 15 years, starting with Newton, then Palm, and now iPhone. Ben wrote the most popular Crosswords app for iPhone, which lets you download and solve fresh puzzles every day. With over a million downloads (of the free version), it’s one of the most popular apps on the AppStore. It’s been in the store since Day 1, and the iPad version launched day-and-date with the iPad itself.

David Fisher, Ph.D.

Dr. Fisher is a founder of MobAc Design and a professor at Rose-Hulman where he teaches C, Objective-C, and iPhone SDK programming. In the summer months, he contracts for Apple as a firmware programmer for iPod, iPhone, and iPad accessories. Additionally, Dr. Fisher and his wife, Kristy, are expecting their first child, a baby girl, on May 8.

Brad Larson, Ph.D.

By day, Dr. Larson designs Cocoa-based control software for SonoPlot, Inc.’s robotic systems. By night, he does Mac, iPhone, and now iPad development through his company Sunset Lake Software. Brad has two applications on the App Store: Molecules, a free, open source molecular modeler, and Pi Cubed, a visual calculator that typesets and evaluates equations. He also teaches the Advanced iPhone Apps Development course at the Madison Area Technical College, which will be available on iTunes U this summer.

Mike Laurence

Mike Laurence made the jump from web to iPhone in late 2008, quickly discovering that Objective-C inspires both satisfaction and incredulity. His experiences with Ruby have pushed him to bring the elegance of modern web development to mobile development, beginning with his fledgling remote resource data framework, Core Resource.

Patrick McCarron

Patrick was developing applications for the iPhone even before there was an SDK. Today, he works at MobileAge creating iPhone games and content including Shanghai Mahjong, Leonard Maltin Movie Guide, Wine Enthusiast Guide and Blackjack 21. His first iPad title is Shanghai Mahjong, a universal iPhone+iPad application.

Bob Moll

Bob Moll holds the title Lead User Experience Designer for Pathfinder Development, a digital product development firm headquartered in Chicago, IL. His interests include digital product design, product marketing, and creative and critical thinking techniques that can help teams collaborate on complex projects.

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